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The Pacific Garbage Patch

How Did it Get There?

Where Does the Trash Come From?

Persistent Plastic

The Problem with the Patch

What Can We Do to Help?

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What Can We Do to Help?

  1. Stop buying water in plastic bottles. Instead, drink tap water from reusable bottles made from glass or steel.

  2. Use cloth bags at the store instead of plastic bags. We often don't even need a bag!

  3. Put lunch items in reusable containers instead of plastic baggies. Carry a reusable, metal spork so that you don't need to use plastic utensils.

  4. Eat ice cream in cones, not plastic cups.

  5. Cut plastic six-pack rings so that animals can't get caught in them.

  6. Stop litter! Tell family and friends that litter hurts animals. Join beach clean-ups.

  7. Pick up trash outside your home and sweep sidewalks with a broom.

  8. Hosing sidewalks wastes water and can push trash into storm drains.

  9. Recycle! Learn your city's recycling rules for plastic and other items.

  10. Use bio-plastics made from plants like corn or potato. They biodegrade naturally.

  11. Learn more! Algalita.org, Surfrider.org, AdventureEcology.com

  12. Watch this cartoon about the Garbage Patch!