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Image of a women's shoes

I want it! I need it!

There are certain things we all need to survive. These survival needs include: air, water and food. Also, depending on where we live, most of us need shelter and clothing to survive as well. Beyond that, we have daily needsóthings we use to live our daily lives. These daily needs include: paper, shoes, cell phones, computers and many other items. Everything else we want is called just that: a want. Itís not something we need to survive, or something we need to live our daily lives, instead, itís something we want to have or use for other reasons. For instance, while itís a daily need to have one pair of shoes to protect our feet, do we need twenty different pairs in different colors and styles? No. We may want twenty different pairs of shoes, but we truly do not need them. While itís okay to fulfill our wants, we should be more aware about them and think before we go shopping.

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