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Let Others Reuse your Stuff

Many of us have a lot of things we rarely use: clothes that don't fit, books we don't read, and music we don't listen to anymore. Rather than keeping these things, put them back into the world for others to reuse. Hold a garage sale where people can buy these items at a much lower cost than if they were new. Not only that, but they will be doing a good thing for nature by reusing these items you don't want anymore! You can also donate all unwanted items that are in good condition to thrift stores, which often use the money they earn for charity.

And, while you're at the thrift store, take a look around. You never know when you'll find that jean jacket you've been thinking of buying, or that picture frame you've wanted for your desk. Buying items secondhand is a great way to reuse stuff, save money, and help protect nature!

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